Fox Theater restoration moving along

With an expected completion date later this year, work continues on the $30 million restoration of the historic Fox Theater in downtown Riverside.

Feb. 2009
Fox Theater

Oct. 2008

The renovation of the soon-to-be, 1,600-seat Fox Performing Arts Center includes a complete overhaul of the 1929 theater — everything from new ventilation systems, theater seats and extensive seismic upgrades to a modern (and larger) stage house. Specialized artisans were hired to replicate the theater’s original ornate tiles and painted ceilings.
Recently, the city inked a 5-year deal with the Nederlander Organization, which owns/manages nine Broadway theaters and produces several touring shows, some that will now make stops in Riverside. The new entity — Broadway in Riverside — joins the company’s existing local management groups, Broadway/San Diego and Broadway/LA.
Grand opening festivities are slated for January 2010.
Still to be decided is an adjacent, 300/400-space parking garage. The city, which recently acquired the remaining properties, says the garage is vital to the overall success of the Fox project. Unfortunately, the garage means partial (or full) demolition of a few older buildings, most of which contain antique stores (one | two). However, a 1920s-era building on Fairmount Avenue is expected to remain, possibly as a storage house for the Fox.


Sources: City of Riverside, The Press-Enterprise

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  1. Hmmmm… see, I was under the impression that the parking structure was going to be built directly behind the Fox’s stage-house. I don’t really understand why there is a need to demolish those two buildings for the structure. I personally think that, as they are, those two structures are super ugly, but to put a parking garage in place doesn’t seem like a bright alternative.

    I was hoping they would do something more on the lines of creating a retail/restaurant village there, maybe even include one or two stories of condos above. Then open it up for the idea of a few floors of underground parking, OR keep the old buildings there and build on top/though them leaving the original facades (similar to what might go down with the Fox Plaza and Stalder now.) I guess there’s always a hope.

    C’mon ged, lets draw up some concepts and set up a meeting with Mike 🙂 .

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