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A new day is about to begin for local news within Inland Southern California as a new venture — one which may very well change how we receive local news in the future — is about to debut. It’s called: and it’s set to launch May 4th.


Managed by veteran journalist Craig Fiegener — formerly of KCBS-TV in Los Angeles — Instant Riverside is likely to raise a number of eyebrows and maybe even create a few waves within the greater Los Angeles television news market. Although not an actual TV station nor even full-fledged newscast (at least not yet, anyhow), IR will offer traditional online news headlines as well as high-quality video reports via the Internet.

UC Riverside’s Citrus Legacy

More importantly for Inland Southern California — a region without a major, locally-based TV station — IR will offer “intelligent” TV-style news reports, including sorely lacking civic-oriented news and in-depth local reports, items rarely seen on the Hollywood-infused LA television newscasts. As such, IR has the potential to fill a tremendous void locally, and do so from a very nimble standpoint with zero of the bureaucracy and absolutely none of the news bias/apathy forced upon the Inland region by the Los Angeles-based media giants. In other words, it will be real. It will be useful. And, it will be local.

No one is probably better suited to lead this venture than Craig himself. He’s a well-respected, Emmy award-winning journalist who has spent nearly 20 years covering news, beginning first with local radio while still attending North High School in Riverside. At one point, fresh out of high school, Craig even produced a local cable newscast for Riverside. His first big break came with LA-based news powerhouse, KFI-AM. From there, Craig made the jump to television, spending the past decade reporting for ABC and CBS affiliates in California until December 2006.

Needless to say, news is in Craig’s blood. And now he’s leveraging his resources — and his passion — and turning his focus exclusively toward Inland Southern California. So, mark your calendars — and your bookmarks. But more importantly, stay tuned, as this venture is likely to grow and maybe even change the local news arena.



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