2006 – New connector from westbound 60/northbound I-215 to westbound 91 (RXSQ)

Riverside interchange project progresses

For the past 2 years, motorists passing through downtown Riverside have had to fight more than just the regular traffic — they’ve also had to deal with a massive freeway project as well.

But as work progresses on the $317 million construction project, which includes rebuilding the infamous 60/91/215 interchange in downtown Riverside, no doubt many will be glad to hear Caltrans says the project is halfway complete. And although the 200,000+ drivers who pass through the interchange project each day indeed have not found the added complications endearing, most surely agree the day can’t come soon enough for its replacement.

When completed, the new downtown interchange will incorporate direct transitional flyover connectors, removing the cross-merging that clogs the current 1950s-era cloverleaf. The only real gripe is that the rebuild should have included a full 4 flyovers as opposed to just 2. But such is the life with California’s cash-strapped budget. Maybe Gov. Schwarzenegger’s infrastructure bond plan will change this.

Also included as part of the overall project is the replacement of overpasses along the Hwy. 60 / I-215 portions of the freeway between downtown Riverside and Moreno Valley as well as a truck-only lane and a reconfigured interchange at the eastern 60/215 split on the Riverside/Moreno Valley boundary.

Completion is expected in late 2007.

Photo Gallery: 60/91/215 interchange project


  • Riverside Press-Enterprise – Steel price up, land cost down for interchange (April 15)


Sources: Riverside Press-Enterprise (PE-20060415), RaincrossSquare.com

2024 PAGE UPDATE: Removed outdated links to newspaper article and photo gallery.

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