Giant Orange ArtVenture

2006 - "Welcome to Riverside"

This weekend marks the last time you’ll be able to see all (or nearly all) of the large “art” oranges in downtown Riverside as the very successful “The Giant Orange Artventure” is coming to an end.

Last June, after many months of artistic preparation, 32 fiberglass oranges were “planted” in various locations throughout downtown. Each of the 4-foot-round oranges was sponsored by local businesses/philanthropists for $5,000 each and painted/decorated by artists, most of which had local roots. Proceeds from the exhibit support the Riverside Art Museum.

2006 - "Under the Citrus Sun"

Though the majority of the oranges depict local history, the artistic expressions range from abstract art to snippets of Ralph Waldo Emerson. To truly appreciate the intricate artwork that went into the oranges, one needs to give close inspection. And though there are many great examples to appreciate, our favorite — “Under the Citrus Sun” — is located in front of City Hall. The representation of Riverside’s skyline, Mission Inn and Fox Theater via the use of mosaics is impressive. Another favorite is “Our Emerging City” by artist Ada M. Passaro.

The public exhibit, coordinated by the Riverside Art Museum’s Art Alliance, was patterned after Chicago’s popular “Cows on Parade” (1999), wherein artists painted fiberglass cows that were later auctioned off.

2006 - "Riverside ... All That Jazz"

Beginning September 13th, many of the oranges will be relocated to other public and private spots, though some will likely remain close to their original spots (our hope is that a number of them remain, particularly on the downtown pedestrian mall). At least 4 (“Riverside: Vision of an Enlightened City” / “Bearing Fruit” / “La Naranja” / “The Squeeze“) will be acutioned off October 13th at a special fundraising event with the proceeds again benefiting the Riverside Art Museum.

See all 32 of the giant oranges.


Sources: Riverside Art Museum, The Press-Enterprise

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