Downtown Riverside is setting for Crestor commercial

On Location: Crestor filming in downtown Riverside, Dec. 2011

Late last year, we stumbled upon a crew filming on the pedestrian mall between the Mission Inn and the Loring Building in downtown Riverside. Intrigued by what appeared to be a doctor standing next to a tall mirror, we stopped for a few minutes to watch.

Upon the call for “action,” a middle-aged couple approached the doctor — and his mirror — as various actors moved about the pedestrian mall in the background. We were told by a member of the crew that portions of a Crestor commercial were being filmed. He said similar scenes had been shot the day before in downtown Los Angeles.

On Air: Riverside’s pedestrian mall serves as backdrop

Well, the results of the two location shoots finally showed up on television recently. And we must say, the pedestrian mall scenes in downtown Riverside show off quite nicely. And to our surprise, the Los Angeles scenes mesh seamlessly with those from Riverside. (However, we suppose anyone with keen eyes will be able to distinguish between the two different locations.)

So, check out the video as well as some screen shots below. (Oh, and in case you were wondering, Crestor is a prescription drug for lowering cholesterol that is produced by AstraZeneca.)

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