Out & About – Historic walking tours of downtown Riverside

Downtown Riverside

From the eclectic Mission Inn and magnificent County Courthouse to the modern City Hall and mid-century public library, downtown Riverside is rich in architectural history and variety. Fortunately, many of these gems are within walking distance down a few adjoining streets. As such, we’ve created a few short circular, self-guided tours — Mission Inn Avenue, University Avenue and Main Street.

The three tours, which we first produced for Things To Do InlandEmpire.com, can easily be completed within 1 to 2 hours each (depending, of course, on how fast you walk). So click (and print) the tour links below, put on your walking shoes, grab a bottle of water and be sure to bring your camera!

TOUR: MISSION INN AVENUE | MAP: View a larger Google Maps of this tour

TOUR: UNIVERSITY AVENUE | MAP: View a larger Google Maps of this tour

TOUR: MAIN STREET | MAP: View a larger Google Maps of this tour

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  1. What a great tour! Thank you for posting.

    Warning: The City appears to be dead-set on McMissioning the downtown library. Don’t be surprised if you see arches, a tower, and a dome proposed in the near future.

  2. @Michael – Thanks for the comment! We hope the tours inspire folks to head downtown and appreciate its surviving history and varying architecture — aspects not found in most other areas of Southern California.

    Regarding the downtown library — yes, we are aware of the proposals afoot. We’re glad more folks are beginning to speak up about potential demolition and/or changes to the modern building (and we encourage them to speak up, if only to help add perspective to the process).

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