UC Riverside given high marks

California’s UC campuses, including UC Riverside, each earned high marks in a recent college guide issued by Washington Monthly.

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Promoted as a counter-list of sorts to the one produced by U.S. News and World Report — which weighs heavily toward private institutions — the Washington Monthly list ranks 245 national universities according to three primary categories:

  • performance as an engine of social mobility
  • fostering scientific and humanistic research
  • promoting an ethic of service to country

In other words, are the schools doing what they’re intended to be doing — producing quality, well-rounded students and future leaders as opposed to simply chasing research/alumni dollars (which invaribly favor private institutions)?

Overall, the UC system is given high marks and has 4 schools ranked in the top 10: UC Berkeley (2), UCLA (4), UC San Diego (6) and UC Davis (10). While UC Riverside (22), UC Santa Barbara (57), UC Santa Cruz (68), UC Irvine (72) round out the UC campuses:

UC schools continue to rule… By our yardstick, University of California, Berkeley is about the best thing for America we can find. It’s good by all of our measurements. The same goes for the rest of the schools in the UC system, four of which make our top 10, the rest of which make our top 80.

Washington Monthly

The No. 22 ranking for UC Riverside places it ahead of many highly-regarded colleges and universities, including Duke (23), Harvard (28), USC (33), Princeton (43), Pepperdine (78) and Emory (96).

The high ranking shouldn’t be much of a surprise as UCR has consistently out-ranked many national universities the past 10+ years with regards to the number of faculty named fellows of the prestigious American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

As a side note, 3 local schools also rank high on the Liberal Arts list: Claremont McKenna College (10), Pomona College (15) and Harvey Mudd College (17).


Sources: Washington Monthly, The Press-Enterprise, University of California

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