Local appliance retailer thrives

In today’s world of big-box retail, it’s often difficult to find a homegrown retailer that has not only survived the chain store era, but continues to thrive in spite of it. Taylor’s Appliance in Riverside is one such store.
Started in 1945 by Harold Taylor Sr., the original store was located on the 4000 block of Main Street in downtown Riverside. Immediately across from the Riverside County Courthouse, it remained there for nearly 30 years until a devastating fire in 1972 completely destroyed the building.
In 1973, Taylor’s moved into a new location about two miles south at 3850 Jurupa Avenue (where today’s Ralph’s shopping center is). In 1991, the store relocated again, this time around the corner to 6140 Magnolia Avenue, where it remains to this day.
Be sure to check out InstantRiverside.com’s video profile of the local outfit, which has grown from unloading refrigerators directly off rail cars into part of a nationwide purchasing consortium.

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