After nearly a decade in the doldrums, the former Norton Air Force Base in San Bernardino is experiencing a rebirth.

The airfield — since renamed San Bernardino International Airport — has struggled in its attempts to land passenger and cargo service. But a major Texas development company has recently brought in three high-profile tenants to the airfield’s periphery, signaling that AllianceCalifornia has now arrived:

The Dallas-based developer (Hillwood) built its reputation on turning 15,000 acres of Texas cow country into one of the country’s most successful cargo centers and is on its way to doing the same for the former base in San Bernardino when it closes a deal to bring in Stater Bros. The land is to be the new headquarters and distribution center for the Colton-based grocer.

… Stater Bros. is the third company, behind Kohl’s and Mattel, to choose Hillwood’s industrial redevelopment project at the former base renamed AllianceCalifornia.

Riverside Press-Enterprise – March 12, 2004


  • Riverside Press-Enterprise – Norton redevelopment: finally taking off? (March 12) | Former base becoming destination (March 12) | Hillwood no stranger to this alliance (March 12)

Sources: Riverside Press-Enterprise (PE-20040312)

2024 PAGE UPDATE: Added newspaper citation/insert; removed outdated links to newspaper article.

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